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AD is the pinnacle of winemaking at del Rios Winery. Named after the owner and winemaker Agustin del Rio. AD is produced only during exceptional vintages with small select parcels of wines. These are wines we are truly proud of. 

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The del Rios label is a showcase of our varietal wines and the ethos behind our winemaking. An honest expression of fruit produced in our cool climate and unique volcanic site. Handpicked and handcrafted using Old world traditions to produce highly finessed wines. 

Trio Wines are wines designed to be to be drunk now,  enjoyed alongside food with friends and family.  It is named after the three essential components behind del Rios.
Our family - Gus, Esther and 3 sons, our heritage - Australia, Spain and Brunei, and our estate - Single Vineyard, Volcano and 3 Sisters. 

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