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Aged Sauvignon Blanc

While most of us know about the cellaring potential of red wine, aged white wine is less renowned. Having said that, there are certain white varietals and styles that can age well.

Sauvignon Blanc originates in France from the regions of Bordeaux and the Loire Valley. In Australia we are most familiar with the dry, herbaceous, and tropical fruit style from New Zealand. Despite this, it has a range of expressions with great potential that is often overlooked or misunderstood.

Our style of Sauvignon Blanc is an old-world expression, more like a Sancerre Blanc, with a wild yeast barrel-fermentation in old French oak. This approach to an aged white wine creates a much broader and complex style with good cellaring potential. Whilst young it is filled with citrus, minerality, and green apple and with time in the bottle it develops a lovely exotic mouthfeel with green mango characters.

Next time, you're at the del Rios Cellar Door in Anakie, ask about our 2002 Sauvignon Blanc to see the effects of time in the bottle. We are pleased to share this wine with you and hopefully it provides a different perspective on the varietal.


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